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Most corporate programs offered by the National School of Leadership can be customized based on specific requirements from companies. We do not offer any off-the-shelf program since we believe that every requirement is different and need special care to have a lasting impact on the target audience.

 Some of our courses include:
Code Program Details
LDP Leadership Development Program
ELP Educational Leadership Program
LTP Leadership Trainer Program Click here
CLT Certified Leadership Trainer Click here
CLS Certified Leadership Strategist
CSS Certified Sales Strategist
CCL Certified Communications Leader
STP School Trainer Program
SSP Sales Superstar Program
AAC All About Customers (Acquisition and Retention)
LP001 Leadership for new Entrepreneur
LP002 Leadership for CEOs
LP003 Leadership for Emerging Markets
LP004 Leadership for Rural Markets
LP005 Leadership for Public Sector Units
LP006 Leadership for Service Industry
LP007 Leadership for Banking & Financial Services Industry
LP008 Leadership for BPO Industry
LP009 Leadership for Non-profit
LP010 Leadership for Education Sector
LP011 Leadership for Manufacturing Sector
LP012 Leadership for Supply Chain Management
LP013 Leadership for Retail Industry
LP014 Leadership for Telecom Industry
LP015 Leadership for IT & ITES
LP016 Leadership for Advertizing and PR Industry
LP017 Leadership for FMCG Industry
LP018 Leadership for Consumer Durables Industry
LP019 Leadership for Pharmaceutical Industry
LP020 Leadership for Hospitality Industry
LP021 Leadership for Commodity Industry
LP022 Leadership for Steel  Industry
LP023 Leadership for  Power Industry
LP024 Leadership for  Cement Industry
LP025 Leadership for Hydrocarbon Industry
LP026 Leadership for Chemical  Industry
LP027 Leadership for HR Professionals
LP028 Leadership for Operations Professionals
LP029 Leadership for Finance Professionals
LP030 Mastering Innovation: Fundamentals & Best Practices
LP031 Disruptive Innovation: Making competition irrelevant
LP032 Transforming your new venture into a great leader
LP031 Innovative Thinking: Out-of-the-box Techniques for Problem Solving
LP032 Collaborative Thinking
LP033 The Art and Science of Leadership Foresight: Uncover What’s Next
LP034 Discover your Customer’s Unarticulated Needs
LP035 Growing during Economic Slowdowns
LP036 Leadership for fiercely competitive markets
LP037 Blue Ocean Strategy
LP037 Outstanding Business Presentations
LP038 Working with the Opposite SEX
LP039 Self Hypnosis for Leadership
LP040 Hypnotherapy for Leadership (for Managers & above)
LP041 Mindmap
LP042 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Leadership Development

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