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The CLT certification is one of the most widely accepted certifications which give organizations the confidence that their employees are receiving excellent training though certified experts. As a trainer your job is to ensure that the learning session is interactive, more effective and well accepted by the trainees. Retention, productivity and the bottom line are all affected by the quality of your training. It is important to be a dynamic trainer, masterful facilitator and a polished speaker.

The Certified Leadership Trainer certification is aimed at authenticating cognition of leadership training and facilitation skills in an individual. It examines your practical skills and in-depth knowledge that are required to conduct an effective training program.

Certification Process
Apply for certification.
Take up the multiple choice online exam.
Complete the Content Development Project
Interview by Certification Committee.
Presentation demonstration before the Certification Committee.

Eligibility Criteria
At least 3 years of training or mentorship experience or at least 5 years of non-training experience or successful completion of the Leadership Trainer Program.

Scope for evaluation
Language & Grammar
Content Development
Body Language
Voice Modulation
Presentation Skills
Technology behind presentations
Listening & Non-verbal communication
Humor and Audience Involvement
How Certification Helps You

• In differentiating yourself from other candidates & leading to better visibility & job
• In conforming your understanding of the most current knowledge & industry trends
• In getting a better job, either within the current or with a new organization
• Indicate employers, clients & associates that you are committed professional
• Show that being updated in your career field is a high priority for you
• Communicate that you abide by the highest ethics, principles & have demonstrated
    knowledge & experience
• Take up Mentorship assignments representing the National School of Leadership.

Certification Fee
INR 23,000. For applicants who have successfully completed the Leadership Trainer Program, the fee is INR 14,000.

Leadership Trainers Program (not mandatory)

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