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The National School of Leadership Consortium for Global Leaders (CGL) includes some of the greatest organizations in the world including corporate houses, educational institutes, social organizations, government bodies etc. These organizations, although seemingly diversified in nature, have a common mission in taking their organizations, society and countries to the next level. Unlimited representatives from CGL organizations can access NSL Lead Cafe online and interact with our students, view student e-portfolios, approach them for their hiring requirements, take advice from NSL students on their organizational issues, advice students on their growth path, and many more.

Champions from across industries, countries and communities meet and benefit immensely from each other. Entry into CGL is completely free of charge. Nature of organizations who can qualify for CGL would be government, semi-government, NGOs, educational institutes, public and private companies with strength of at least 50 people. Selection into CGL is solely at the discretion of the CGL Selection Committee at NSL. It is very rare for the CGL Committee to have denied organizations from CGL status except if the organization is found illegal, blacklisted or does not meet the minimum people strength criteria.

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